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CrossFit Tantrum, we’re excited to be a part of your fitness journey. We work hard to provide all the tools and talent necessary to achieve your goals. A win for you is a win for us! At our gym, you don’t just train, you transform.

  • Margaret C.

    I have and will always feel welcomed not only by the coaches but from the members as well. I started going when I was home from college one summer and find myself waiting until the next time I’m home to go! Even though I’m an inconsistent member, that hasn’t changed the way I feel when I go – supported, encouraged, and part of a family. The coaches are amazing and can see my potential before I can and have helped me grow. They are always available to answer questions, help with technique, or encourage you through the last couple of reps. I somehow get a second wind when I have someone pushing me to the finish line! Inside and out of the gym, this is a wonderful community and I’m glad I get to be a part of it

  • Ben W.

    We attended a workout/seminar on Saturday at the gym. I was extremely impressed with the excellent coaching that Chris provided. Chris provided great detail on the techniques that were being taught and how to properly execute the moves. The workout was attended by people of a wide age and physical range. The moves were tailored for each athletes abilities. The atmosphere was very motivating and felt like everyone was part of a team working to improve their physical health.

  • Mike L.

    I cannot say enough great things about Crossfit Tantrum and the coaches. I was very nervous to go my first time but instantly Chris and Mandy made me feel very welcome. Once I got through the into/element classes and was able to join the regular classes the members were so welcoming and encouraging. I have learned more in the two months that I have been going than anywhere else I have gone before. I look forward to going every day and it’s truly become the highlight of my day. The coaches are extremely passionate and really want to see everyone get better in a safe and effective way. I am so happy to have discovered this place and look forward to seeing how Crossfit Tantrum is going to help transform me in the months/years to come!2

  • Chivon H.

    The coaches at CFT are pretty fantastic. They push you to your limits while making sure you are safe and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone. The community is awesome; people generally go out of their way to make you feel welcome and supported. I’ve dropped into a few other places and never had the same sense of inclusiveness.

  • Rafay A.

    I joined Crossfit Tantrum about 10 months back. I have to say I have enjoyed every single class there. The coaches Chris, Matt, and Mandy are very passionate about their work and genuinely interested in helping you become better at CrossFit. I would highly recommend joining Crossfit tantrum. Even if you don’t get the movements right, you sure will have a great time working out with the coaches and people there.

  • Courtney M.

    Crossfit Tantrum was one of the two gyms in the area that allowed me to come in and do my Wodapalooza qualifier workouts. Chris came and opened up the gym just for me. He was even nice enough to move my equipment while I was working so I wouldn’t trip hahaha. He made me feel at home and pushed me through the whole workout. Great box! I’ll definitely drop in again.


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