Forging Fitness and Community

Murrysville’s Premier CrossFit Gym

At CrossFit Tantrum, we believe that the secret to making fitness an engrained part of your life is to make every experience at the gym a positive and energizing one to remember. That’s why we spend countless hours refining the gym experience for you. We train you to become better every day, and so of course you should expect the same level of improvement each time you see us.

Our coaching staff has a diverse background in the fitness industry and have even overcome a variety of challenges in their own realms of health and wellness which gives our team that extra bit of passion you just won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re considering giving CrossFit a try, or maybe you’re an experienced athlete just looking for a new gym to call home - we’d love to have you come in for a free training session to see if our community is a good fit for you.

Invest in yourself and you will always see returns.

Today’s a great day to start.

Our Training Ground

CrossFit Tantrum’s fitness facility Is located in the heart of Murrysville jogging distance to a beautiful park and biking trails. So, whether you love to be outside or in, you’ll find what you need here to build your best self.

  • As soon as I walked CrossFit Tantrum for Foundations and was greeted by friendly faces, I knew I would never want to set foot in another gym. The coaches and staff are really knowledgeable and really take time to teach you the movements. Everyone is always encouraging and the people you work out with are the best! You can feel the community-type atmosphere when you come in and your friends really do become your family.

    Annie G.

  • The gym is a great community full of people who want to support you. Chris, Diane, and Mandy are all invested in you as your coach and they do everything to help you succeed.

    Nikki R.

  • I was a member for almost 1 year before I had to move. I absolutely loved it. The coaches are great, both as person and in their knowledge of everything CrossFit. The coaches explain all the movements very well and during the class are there to help you everyday. The community is awesome - always there to encourage you. If you are in the Murrysville or Monroeville area and are even thinking about CrossFit, I strongly suggest that you join CrossFit Tantrum.

    Rafay A.